Your Compensation. Also, sender desperately needs grammar/puncuation tutoring

Email sender: Precious Mpho [email protected]
Reply to: [email protected]
Email title: Your Compensation.
Hello good friend,

Good day and how are you today? I hope all is well with you and your family? I am using this opportunity to inform you that this multi the million-dollar business that we both are working before has been finally concluded with the assistance of another partner from Iceland who financed the transaction to a logical con funds into your account due to one reason or the other and for my kind gesture. I have left ATM Card for you worth $3,750.000 USD} ( three Million Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand United States Dollars Only, To show my appreciation for your pass assistance I must confess that you are truly a humble and sincere person.

However, I will gladly appreciate and happier wherever I am to hear that you have received your ATM Card it will be a great honor to me because you deserve it. and do to my new business establishment with my new partner in Iceland I will be very busy for a very long time kindly contact him now. Rev John Kerubo With the below information to enable him to negotiate with the courier company for the delivery of your ATM Card to you,

Contact person: Rev John Kerubo
Email: [email protected]

Therefore you should send him your full Name and telephone number/your correct mailing address where you want him to send the ATM card to you. This information is what will enable him to deliver the ATM Card to you. as I have left instructions on your behalf
Thanks for your pass effort and God bless you and your family.
Hoping to hear from you.

Mrs. Precious Mpho

Contact person: Rev John Kerubo
Email: [email protected]


I was mandated by Mrs. Precious Mpho to make available to you the sum of $3,750.000 USD} ( Three Million Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars compensation funds to you. The fund was left with me in a Certified Bank Draft which I have handed over to the approved bank for the disbursement of the funds into your designated bank account. To this effect, a sum of (US$3.750 Million) has been approved for you by the accredited bank and I wish to inform you that all matters relating to the release of this payment are now under the accredited paying bank.

Their mode of payment has been channeled out in three options stated below:

    In this mode, an International Certified Bank Draft shall be issued to you and dispatched via our accredited courier services to your address as you provided so you can deposit directly to your bank account.

    An ATM card shall be loaded with your compensated amount in your name through our accredited paying bank and will be dispatched to your address as you provided. With the Master Debit ATM card, your daily withdrawals shall be US$5000 daily and a transfer limit of US$50,000 or its equivalent daily.

    This option will enable you to register an online banking account with our accredited paying bank portal as you will be made known as soon as you choose this option while we credit your online account through our escrow account with the paying bank.

You are to choose your desired option of payment from the above options and email us back to facilitate your funds release as soon as possible.

We apologize for any delay you might have encountered in the past, your payment is now 100% Guaranteed.

Kindly get back to enable us to proceed.

Best Regards,
Rev John Kerub

Dear John Kerubo,

I’ve been trying to remember how I know you and it finally occurred to me that you were possibly once the lead singer of Motley Crue. Is taht right? I know that guy had a name kind of like yours but I can’r remember. Anyway, I see you are a Rev now. What church are you the Rev in?

For my funds, I would like a ATM card. What should I do now?