"Your call is gone with the wind" {whoosh}

Actually, what the female robovoice says is “You have been kicked from this conference.” And the “whoosh” that I’ve heard on some “Medeecare benefits” calls recently might or might not indicate the call is about to end suddenly.
I’ve been getting multiple calls pretty much every weekday from foreign (could be Filipino, but mostly Indian) call centers about finding additional Medicare benefits. I play along, and usually–after answering some of the same questions for two or even three “prequalifying specialists”–get conferenced with an insurance agent somewhere in the USA.
On some calls, I suspet the Indian “superwisor” stays on the call silently, at least until he hears me asking too many questions. On Wednesday, one of those guys popped in and indignantly asked why I was asking the American agent what her company’s website was. He told me twice to go to hell, and cut off the call. I hope he stayed on long enough to hear what I said back to him in Hindi. IThat thing about somebody named Terry. :smiling_imp:)
I’ve also noticed a kind of “whooshing” sound from time to time, that I think has something to do with the conference call.
So far, I’ve identified several US-based “insurance shopping” companies, some of them more than once, and I hope I have recordings of at least two calls for each of them. A couple of them have had two or more complaints made against them on Better Business Bureau pages for farming-out robocalls, so I don’t think that will look good if I take them to court for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
Back at it Thurday.