You are calling anyone who are not doing scam?

Please verify the number before calling, who is doing scam or not. Check the number on google first, then search it who is doing popup scam and who is promoting his number on his website on google by using search engine optimization after that call any number. I don’t know, who submitted other numbers on your website, but you should verify number first, then call anyone. The number that are showing on google by creating blogs, is not scam. we do not force anyone to call us, if any one search on google for any number, then this is his own choice to call us or not., so this is kindly request to you first verify the number, then call anyone. The popup number will not came in any blog, if you will type the number in google, so don’t be fool and do smart work.

You dumbass. I’m in your scammer groups and know how you function. You scammers will spam toll free numbers claiming to be support of a certain service… such as Quick Books.

You can not fool me ever.



@thunder#11351 haha

@quickbooks00121#11348 lol

@Ryan#11355 No need to doublepost. I fixed it for you.

Ma ka laude