"You are a lucky beta tester for our new Roblox Test Website!" Scam (Includes Discord server to Flood)

Associated Discord server - Roblox Test Website

Server owner - Colfy#2494

Associated YouTube Account - Cryella - YouTube

Requires users to have a server level of “10” to be given a “link” to the private Roblox server. However, users will only end up banned if they reach level 10.

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I think you are lying. The Level 10 Users got banned (Including me) for trolling and someone there DOXXXED the owner and someone was underage. The other 3 were unbanned but had to be level 0 again.

this is part of the scheme

I’m in their Discord server and they say clearly in the FAQ text channel that you don’t get real Robux on the official website but on the fake website that they are allegedly creating you will.

Flooded a bit and had a good laugh with them. Posted a grabbify to see if I can get any bites, only got one or two, nothing of use.

Scroll up in announcements and you will see why he posted this.

these kids are active

LOL They search up kids for talk in this dead server. and maybe later phish them because they only want roblox. Discord should ban them for underage but still we need proof.

hi :heart_eyes: heart_eyes: heart_eyes:

iam talking now with the offical roblox moderator

hi best friend

dont call me best friend
we dont have here “darama”

nah we best friends :heart_eyes:

@pckiddy :frowning:

well that’s a RIP

His new account:
ID: 397482964629585931

gonna report him for ban evading

Also this is the new server Roblox Test Website