Wow. An Illuminati scam

From: The Illuminati🔺 <[email protected]>

Hello, How are you doing today? We hope this email reaches you in good faith, Kindly understand we are contacting you in regards to your pending illuminati membership application process on our list for some time now due to one reason on the other.
Note: that we are rounding up all of our old pending membership process for this section due to the out break of (COVID-19) Corona Virus.
If you are still interested and wish to continue your membership in order to complete your membership process and gain access to our numerous benefit, i advise you contact us back as soon as possible so we can review and complete your membership process.
I will be waiting on your responses.

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Got this last night:

Hello Arnold Palms.

Your email was received and as an elite of the brotherhood we want to let you know that you have make the right decision for a total change of your life style for good as to be a member of the the illuminati empire.

As you are about to complete our membership process you are advised once again to keep all email/messages received from The Illuminati desk as a top secret.

Below is the Money Gram information for your to make the payment to the Grand Master Secretary in India.

Receiver’s Full Name: Ken Danna

First name: Ken

Last name: Danna

country: India

State: New Delhi

Tel number: +9182852287444

Amount: US$310

Receivers passport number: 118894743

Address: 12, Ashoka Road, New Delhi, 110034, India.

You can also make the Money Gram payment online if there is no Money Gram store close to you. When they ask you at Money Gram your relationship with the receiver you say Friend or family member and also when they ask your purpose of payment you say it is personal or for medical bill, you have to say this in order for them to allow your payment to go through, This is because Money Gram payment is mainly use to send payment to Friend and Family.

I await your respond with the Money Gram payment receipt you use in making the payment of US$310 today in order for us to proceed by completing your membership process.



(Initiation Agent)

Official Contact E-mail: [email protected]

Call / WhatsApp Telephone Number: +919643356158

The Illuminati Members Satisfaction Is Guaranteed.


Damn. Too bad it’s an international number. I’d love to give them a piece of my mind.

I wanna go to bohemian grove🤣…

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Same here. Alex Jones is a lucky, and brave motherfucker.

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