World solutions inc Tech support scam

Thanks to the people who I got to work with to gather this information. I wouldnt have been able to do this alone. Especially the Scam Fight Club & Scammerblaster. Cheers!

World solutions inc is a scam company claiming to be based out of New York, offering HP printer & computer repair support. A decent size call center based out of India with at least 9 working agents.

They start by luring people with their website ( I spoke with a few victims who had fallen for this scam and they explained to me that they believed they were talking to Jennifer (The name on their live chat) from HP. None of the victims could recall how they ended up on that website. But they believed that they were then referred from HP to World Solutions inc. World solutions inc has their website setup in a way to make people believe they are talking to genuine HP support. And when calling their main number (when it was active) they addressed themselves as HP. Through my investigation, I could not find a definitive conclusion as to how people ended up on this site. It is possible that they own a domain similar to HP's that redirects people to their site. Regardless, they pretend to be HP. Once they establish your issue, they request remote connection supposedly connecting you to the "HP secure server". And after some digging on your computer they may or may not attempt to fix the issue you have. In the dozen or so times I watched them, every single time they ran the same script. showing event viewer with errors and warnings. And occasionally showing the supposed "hackers" on the victims computer through netstat. The agents would then explain that the victim must purchase a firewall in order to get rid of these errors, warnings, and hackers. They would have the victim write out their details in a notepad on their computer and then the agent would send the information off to an offshore server where they process the payment and send the victim the invoice. They would then begin "work" on the computer. The agents would sometimes change what they did. Sometimes they would clear the temp folder and do other various "optimization" fixes. Or they would install a program called PC Max Privacy Shield. Which is a piece of scareware as being completely useless. To ""clean up the computer".

Recorded evidence 10/13/2020:

Owner: Rishi Bhatia
image capturecpng.png![image capturecpng.png](

Number: +91 9999145481
Email: [email protected]

Here's a recording of a call I had with the owner:
He gave me his word and said he fired his agents and will not accept new customers. See if it holds true.


800-773-4971 Main toll free number (Grasshopper)
(844) 822-0874 (Grasshopper)
(844) 589-6221 (Grasshopper)
(844) 885-8906 (Grasshopper)
‪(914) 612-5647‬ (Text now)
‪(516) 441-8944‬ (Text now)

[email protected] (Main email)
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

They sometimes sell victims a fake antivirus software called PC Max Privacy Shield. It's scareware. And also gets flagged as malware.

image 2020-12-02-14-14-12-virustotalpng.png![image 2020-12-02-14-14-12-virustotalpng.png](

Leaked copy:

At some point on 12/01/2020,
Rishi tried to convince ScammerBlaster to stop flooding the number. Here is the chat log:
Heres a summery of what he said, "We are a legitimate company registered in New York. We are not scammers. Check our BBB page we would have more bad reviews if we were scammers." A lot of people are unaware that they've been scammed. Especially since this company went through the effort of making their site appear like official HP support.

Their BBB:

Their address is listed as 25610 union tpke glen oaks NY USA 11004. Which seems to be a building for a car insurance company.

These fellows have been running for months now, i had fun playing in their live chat sending funny and offansive stuff. Your investigative skills are insane!

@Snipez#169115 xD

@Snipez#169115 Awesome research! This is very detailed. Rishi won’t like his face being shared here haha :smiley:

Congratulations! I suggest a small correction.

The name is RISHI BHATIA, a Punjabi speaking scammer (not Bathia)

Registered address: B-5, Shankar Garden, Vikaspuri New Delhi West Delhi DL 110018 India

He has a relative connected with the scam: Dawinder Bhatia
See also Forways Hub Private Limited

This is amazing. Good job to everyone who was involved :slight_smile:

I’ve flagged all of these as phishing to google safe browsing and included proof so… hopefully they get a warning put on them.

@NeeP#169167 hello Neep I got a question regarding a error 1020 using wifi … I can’t use this forum using wifi any more … It worked fine yesterday and today it says error 1020 … How do I fix that? From -draco …

@Draco#169244 It seems you’re not alone, I’ve heard the same from other people, too. I’ve reported the issue to Thunder. He’s the only one that can help in this regards. Pls stay tuned! :slight_smile:

@NeeP#169254 thank you :blush: love this forum by the way :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@NeeP#169254 I dm’d Thunder on discord, they were apparently being ddosed/attacked, and cloudflare made a bunch of false positives, for instance, my IP was banned by cloudflare on this website, up until a few hrs ago. I would recommend for anyone to talk to a discord admin on their official discord, who can get you in touch to get your wifi IP unbanned.


Ugh well it seems ok now … but I don’t know how use discord … Ok stop laughing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::joy:… but not computer saavy AT ALL … I was bummed I was like NOOOOOOO… it WONT let me ooooonnnn.

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@Snipez#169115 props to you on finding all this information, the numbers are down as of 5:31 pm est

@Berlin#169310 Thank you. And the numbers were shut off some days ago. I only posted them here for SEO purposes. So if someone searches for any of the numbers online, they will see it was owned by a scam company.

2016 clip


Dear Candidate,

We Required 74 sales agents for US inbound Tech Process.

• Salary range 20k to 40k

• Minimum 6 months experience.

• Qualification 12+ / Basic knowledge of computer.

• Attractive Incentive plans

• 5 Days Working

• Excellent working environment

• Free Cabs (Door to Door pick and drop facility)


1.Candidates who are not GOOD at Spoken English are advised not to apply.

Opening is for Gurgaon & Dwarka Location

Looking for Immediate Joining.

… No Registration Fee No Charges …


9999145481 :-Rishi Bhatia

Amazing job, great work as well @drwat#169338 on that extra info.

See the latest scambaiting video. Victim saved

They are answering on 1800-773-4971





@drwat#172496 That’s already known to us. Thanks for the find though!

So… here we go again! Two years later is time to expose WORLD SOLUTIONS INC once again!
Phone number: 800-593-2504
They do have some other shield company, one of them is TRUCEPT ENTERPRISES LLC.
More updates should be coming soon, I am gathering more evidence.