Working UK number 08000903261

Found this number on but instead of the ‘a’ you do caps lock for the whole url (I get quite a lot of these numbers from this website) This time it said to call this number: 08000903261. Had a half hour conversation with Vinyak and Ashish (the senior supervisor) about my computer and my bank details weren’t going through because apparently their systems were down (not because I was using fake bank details or anything) so they’re going to call me back on a fake mobile number in 2 hours. Looking forward to their call back…

[“Working UK number”,“Working UK number 08000903261”]

Spent ages on the phone to them getting their IP Address in Wireshark. Used a Win8 VM. Reported them to GoToAssist along with their IP Address. Their webpage is They are awesome to scam bait so go try them.