Woah, Scammer.info looks super duper different now!

It looks so different now! Also hopefully I’ve been verified to post. Probably not, but my profile picture has gone… oof.


Indeed. A lot has changed, you are still verified. However, you’ll need to update your pfp.

Ugh no likey

Let us know what you like/dislike in the Site Feedback category.

Looks good so far, hopefully all the old posts wont look too crappy. :grinning: I will wait until things normalize.

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New site looks great.
Good that there is now Dark mode, although I find this to be a slight eyestrain in a dark-purple-grey.

Change is good. This was so necessary.

The dark mode looks so good,it almost feels dreamy…

Eh. Ok Im getting used to it … I couldn’t stay away .
I love scam baiting can’t wait til SSA is in full force again :blush: