Wish someone had the money because it'd be cool

USPS has a service to send your junk mail for you to neighborhoods with specific demographics. I’d love to send scam awareness letters to various elderly populations, but it’s unfortunately obviously very expensive. I believe there is a discount for nonprofits but incorporating a nonprofit is expensive as well.


Hmmmm, Let me look that shit up

I have way too much monies anyway

(Turns out working as an IT Professional in a corporate HQ pays well :sweat_smile:)


care to donate to the cause, good Sir? :smiley: Someone write this good Sir a letter to circulate :slight_smile:

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Lol :slight_smile:

I will check it out when I am not sick

(I got sick for no reason 2 - 3 days ago)

PS: Don’t call me sir cause I will personally commit multiple felonies over that lol

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I apologize if you are not a “sir” but violence is never ok, regardless of your reasoning.

/me is confused
/me hides in corner