Wish me luck, sending a persuasive email to my parents to let me scambate

Please wish me luck, since scambating is starting to become my passion in my free time.

This is the email I sent them:

Dear Mum and Dad,

Please read this WHOLE email.

Scambating wastes the scammer’s time in order to not let other victims connect to the call, so yesterday I could have saved a 90 year old lady who doesn’t know about these scams. (Since my parents caught me scambating yesterday)

“But it’s not safe”

Under the right environment it is safe. When I use a service called TextNow to call the scammers, it’s all encrypted so I don’t have to use a VPN, but I would still choose to because of my safety. So it won’t be possible for them to locate my actual address, if they did get it, they would see an address in AMERICA due to my VPN.

I also use a voice changer and put on an American accent whenever I do this, even if I get caught my the scammer by being a scambater (which happened yesterday and the reaction was priceless), I would still put on the american accent. This is another thing I would do to protect my identity.

If they had to connect to my computer, I would use a virtual machine. A virtual machine is a computer in a computer, and it’s completely isolated from my main computer. So whatever they do on my virtual machine, stays there. If they destroyed it, it wouldn’t matter whatsoever.

  • It’s all LEGAL

I’ll also provide another example for you Mum.

It’s a sin to kill people right? But even though scambating obviously isn’t a war, with a war you kill people to save your country. Even though the bible says that peace is better than war, and to avoid war when possible. Of course that’s true, but that’s a more extreme situation.

Here’s another source about the biblical perspective from a website that someone else asked:

Question: Is it ever right to sin in order to potentially prevent others from committing far more damaging sins?

Main Answer: For those that are not pacifists, which would encompass the majority of those churches which claim Christian beliefs, the obvious answer would be a cautious ‘yes’.

Another example: Joseph who at first deceived his brothers when they came to buy grain.

Therefore, if you allowed me to scambate, victims would be saved, I would be completely safe, and it’s alright biblically.

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Why do you need permission? Have they told you to not do it? Also can’t you tell them in person if you feel like you need permission?


I know I could, and I have tried with no success. But I have more time to think if I send it as an email, while if I tried to explain it in the moment, I would probably run out of reasons on the spot.


did they let you?


Caution! Caution!
Make sure you do not unintentionally inappropriately communicate with a legitimate organization.


They’ll probably let me know today, until they tell me, i’m sticking with sms/email scambating.


True, that’s why it’s always good to do an extra piece of research with either third-party sources, or with other members of the scammer.info community (replies, PMs)


My best advice would be to stop worrying about what other people insist is moral, and work on the long process of defining your own personal morals.
The community raises the baby, but the youngling can decide what feels happy and what feels bad all on their own… and lock up the rapists and murderers and thiefs.


True, it will obviously be a lot easier once i’m 18 (and once I get in my 20s), but as a teen it’s pretty hard. I have high hopes with this letter though, since my parents like how it’s written and stuff.


Don’t get spesific, but in which season, or year will you become a legal 18 adult?

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Why? In 2025


I have no clue about 2025…
We’ll all be driving Tesla’s.
Vegas will be an underground paradise…
Cleaning those “Boring” cars will be a legit business.


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Although I am new to this site, one thing I can tell you .
If your parents do want to speak to you face to face then use example like grandparents.
There parents.
That way they realise from there own will they want you scam baiting and helping others.
And somthing else, why not ask them to help you in it?
If they are supportive ask them for money for better software and stuff.
I believe parents always want the best for there (although sometimes you have to dig right into the heart)