WireShark Help?

Everytime I try to find a scammer’s IP, I cannot find it. The only IP’s I find are mine and the other occasional ones that dont trace to anywhere. I use the filter udp, and sometimes ip.addr. What am I doing wrong? I am going onto the VM’s Adapter. If it helps to know, my actual pc does not run off of ethernet, but off of a wifi adapter.

make sure you select the right adapter to look at… I had issues as well at first…maybe dont filter for only UDP’s

just run wireshark right at the beginning of the remote session. PS if its a session like supportme.com or any of those others you will only get a server address. wont help you much. ? If you can convince them to connect you with teamview or non server based remote help...you may be able to get the actual IP...or just there VPN....good luck

@Frank4207#3000 thank you!