Windows Tech Support Scammers

I rang these scumbags up today, the first thing they did was check if I was using a VM by going to Device Manager.

Their number: +611800 953 468

If a tech scammer immediately checks to see if you’re using a VM, you’re probably doing something too obvious.

Edit: That domain is actually owned by them, they just iframe in fastsupport. I'm retarded.

@memes#5914 That website is not owned by Citrix it seems.

@memes#5914 I acted very normal. The only thing that could’ve given me off was that I had my number in private.

@DvApps#5916 Call with firertc and use a regular phone number. A private number is a huge red flag to them.

@memes#5917 it’s an Australian number so I wasn’t able to call with firertc

@DvApps#5918 You might want to add in the +61 then, because it looks like a +1 usa number.

@memes#5919 done

They can check for device manager, unless i virtualize every application.