Windows Tech Support Scammers - Renew licence cold call


[“Windows Tech Support Scammers”,“Windows Tech Support Scammers - Renew licence cold call”]

Really, do you think i am going to fall for this?

And if it a real number to call, someone will verifiy it.

@Jnteamed#5748 I called it and got a down syndrome indian guy. (possibly pakistani??)

@memes#5751 they sent me to

I guess one person work in the call center.

Number is Dead

talking to this guy hes so stupid

Just spoke to these people, number is real. They take you to

Yeah, spoke to these guys yesterday, i said they called me but i missed it and they said they called because the windows key had expired and then connected via support95 and showed me msconfig stopped services and eventvwr errors/warnings etc to show that Microsoft had stopped things on my computer because of the expiration of Windows. These guys do actually say “Thanks for calling Windows” as well, not just tech support.