Windows Tech Support Scam

Got a popup with their info. I decided I would post it here because they get mad really easily.

Number- +1 8446479749

Picture of their popup

Their domain is

Its hosted by

When I call they pick up and I ask them If you can fix my laptop issues and he say don’t call back here no more and I say why and he say because I am a nigger and I say your are a asshole and he have hang up on me and I have call back and he have hang up on me .

I said “You’re a bakrichod” and then he said “I love you hermit crabs” and then he signed off

I did a Tommy Wiseau impression and they said I need to go back to school to learn f*cking English haha.

I just call them back and I let him connect to my pc and I send me a picture in the remote software he tell me to hang up because I send him picture saying this scams_exposed he say he not a scammer .

@SuperLinkBro#9274 I did naht scam them, I did naht!

Help! I got frauded yesterday, I called this number 010888 69 83 bec of a popup- window.

For someone that aren’t technical they seemed serious. I have them remote control and they installed some weird programs plus anti- malware programs.

I know that its scam now.

My big question is: what do they usually do, and install? Help!

I’ll blow my computer today and reinstall windows but I’m afraid that there will be something left.

@Badrabbit#10429 The sketchy stuff might be some malware and sometimes the scammer might go back onto ur computer and steal information! My advice to you is not report the number here but to a reputable organisation. Maybe ur local police department. 419eater also has a sister site in which u can report numbers. You can also report to to raise awareness.

@Badrabbit#10429 Get on the discord.