Windows Scammer Called Me

These guys had called me once prior but I wasn’t able to pick up the first time. This time I was lucky enough to get it. The man said he was from Microsoft and that he wanted to check up on my firewall due to the recent ransom ware attack. He was very polite and tried to stick to his script but than eventually gave up and we had a nice conversation. He said he was from Mumbai amongst some other things. He then abruptly hung up (I think his boss caught him) and when I try to call back, I get a message saying the number has been disconnected.

Number: +1 323-951-1067

Calling it On Stream as we Speak!

Quick question : is your number public or anything? I really really tried to get called by putting that prepaid phone number all over porn sites, commercial, etc but never got called ? I have wiruses I wish some level X engineer from Microsoft would call me to fix my dextop ?

@Milka7925#5007 They called me on my personal cell phone. I am not sure how they got that number. They also call my house phone from time to time due to my last name. Scammers typically try to target people with foreign last names since they believe that they can easily be scammed. This was also the first time I’ve received a call from them on my cell phone.

I quickly got up to 15+ calls a day on my number by calling all scam numbers and baiting them. The ones that did not pick up, I left my number. Believe it or not the ones I baited…different people would call me back from the same “company” trying to scam me as I guess they don’t keep good records. All they see is that I had called them before and tried to pay. But other people have suggested that one collection method they use is buying numbers from online surveys.

Just make sure to use the same number each time that can actually receive calls back.

@ZiggyKhan#5014 @thereisnothingleft#5017 Thank you for your answers I’m going to participate to some surveys then ! I’m going to get some common last name like : Johson or Smith on Facebook/pornhub/pinterest and see if I get called ? Honestly it’s hard to get scammed when you try !

@thunder could you check the IP location of the guy who started this thread (ziggykhan).

I sense something odd.