Windows Refund (260) 909-8522

Scammer’s Number: (260) 909-8522
Domains Used:
Extra Info: Windows License refund

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They cussed me out big time

:rofl: we love that don’t we EP. Means we’re on their nerves! Give 'em hell matey.

They’re not answering anymore. Seems like they had their taste of their medicine :joy: :laughing:

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260-909-8522 Still Active Different Promotions. I clicked travel and Sarah answered. Sunday 11-27-22 10:59PM EST

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Called the 8522 number yesterday went threw the list picked the liberty scam know one answers.
Well some clusterfucker calls this morning with liberty insurance.
I immediately tell the camel fucker , I NEEDED THAT INSURANCE YESTERDAY YOU STUPID ASS …
Snake does not hang up.
I play the question an made up answer game with the high on cyphodellics idiot for about 5 minutes
I finally give up ask the cheat do you think you are better scammer than me because I just outplayed your scamming ass which is always easy to do I think we all know that.

:rofl: :rofl: