Windows Popup

Looks like a normal popup.

Error # 0x80072ee7


I have this problem right now. The same number as well popped up to call for help, I don’t know what to do if I should call or is it a scam. The message popped up saying there was a " TheWannaCry Ransomware" infected your computer. What should I do??

@Shane7x#7915 Call me 800-356-3904 extension 667, I’ll walk you through how to fix it free of charge. You can visit us on the web at

@Shane7x#7915 Never call the number on a fake popup. Usually it can be solved by rebooting your computer and staying away from the site that created the popup. If you don’t already have one, install an antivirus such as and I would also recommend using an ad-blocker such as uBlock origin, for Chrome and Firefox.

If you need technical support from an actual IT professional call R34P3R at 800-356-3904 extension 667.

@Shane7x#7915 I hope you have not called this number as it is a scam, all of us on this website mess with scumbag scammers like this all the time and we can all confirm this is fake. If you have already called them and paid them i strongly suggest re-installing Windows on your computer, changing your banking information like card details, online banking passwords etc… and also changing every password that you can think of. If you did let them connect into your computer everything they showed you is normal errors and warning that should be in a normal Windows machine or they typed something into a box to make it seem like you have a virus. Microsoft will never put a popup like that onto a computer and if you ever get one again, turn your computer off immediately and do not call the number! Also, warn your family/friends of this scam. Another way to tell is if they have an Indian accent with a white stereo-typical name like Adam, Steve, Michael etc… Another warning is that Microsoft will never call you and say you have a problem with your computer so if you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft, Apple or any tech support company saying you a have a problem with a device just hang up the call and block them. If you need anymore help or have any questions feel free to ask.

Click on the link, returned this:

The specified bucket does not exist.

The number still works. @Jnteamed#8022

@FuelDaFlame#8047 0800 What is that number?

Popup must’ve been removed.

@FOXYCallum1#7996 Also, real tech support technicians will never swear at you no matter what you say.

@Jnteamed#8085 0800 number refers to the United Kingdom.

@memes#8111 Haha yeah, damn bhenchods.

@1337mathster#8110 Yeah the popup has been removed but the number still works, just call them and say that you have a popup and just look at another one, they’re all the same and give the error code.