Windows Expired License Key Scam (877-466-3014)

I recently came across this website that told me my Windows License Key had expired and that I had to call their number (877-466-3014) immediately, even though I use a Mac. Call them and waste their time.

Here's what the website looked like.

I chatted with them for a solid 30 mins… They had me to the Win+R thing… told me to type “Iexplore” but their accent was thick AF so I decided to play dumb and type “iexBlore” That really pissed him off… when windows couldn’t find iexblore, we found my spelling mistake. But then I claimed that windows couldn’t find ‘iexplore’ either. He had me go through and confirm spelling again. But then He basically said screw it and went right to my personal info. Told him my name was Davy Jones and Email was [email protected] AND HE DIDN’T GET IT! I WAS DIEING!

@MyPenisIsSmallAndIDC#10638 did it work on firertc for u?

@heinekenprince#10639 I just called them through a pre paid phone.

Lol just called them and they went on a cursing rampage


@Scambuster800#10645 Noice xD