Windows Certified Engineer Scammer

Enjoy this scammer number 1-855-556-2555 and 1-844-307-3886.

Website :




Title should be Vindows ?

Call This Tollfree number Mentioned above And Have Fun .

Owner Name : Prerit Pitta Leeladhar Amin Chaudhary

Thank you so much, i don’t know whether to sing to them or to drive them up the wall with A frustrating abusive grandma call lol


Put this address in on my host anti virus blocked the🌯

Their voip was acting up, so I got a “technician” to give me this all number to his “personal extension line” as he put it: 17864859570

Hey guys this company got approved as legitmate so please stop calling and enjoy with them . Everyone helped me ou here to resolve the issue and i really appreciate that .

@Tom_Davis#2849 Are you with Vindows Technacal Supporttt