Windows Browser Popup

Updated list of Currently working scammers numbers as of 1/15 at 9pm CST

Checked at 1:30pm on 1/16 dead numbers removed

Checked at 6:41pm on 1/16

Updated at 12:29AM on 1/20

1-888-309-6869 - good and seems to be staying that way for now
1-844-860-1575 - good on current popup

If you need a popup for video purposes try (locks browser reads warning aloud proceed at own risk to your vm)
If you get something like a 500 dollar survey just close the page and try the url again eventually you will get a virus popup!(including up to date number if the one's above goes dead!)
Trying to give people plenty of numbers to keep calling these bastards!

Just tested link again today got surveys 6 times seventh time got virus popup. Still works! Happy Scambaiting! Updated Number above. Talked to him on the phone for a while Speaking like Indian and claims from Houston Texas when confronted gave wrong time for texas time zone said 9 o’clock at night rather than AM I laughed and said so it’s night time then? And he hung up. Must have realized his mistake. Also he was wise when I called and would not connect to my computer. But I was being pretty obvious I was not trying to play along.

Doesnt work on skype for me or fireRTC not even hangouts

@NickD4569#984 Updated List

new numbers added tested by me blow em up! ?

Updated list and added two new numbers. Removed Three. Happy Scam Baiting

1-844-889-3851 - noone picked up the call

@knthmn#1006 update to 1-808-201-4749

@IzzyScribble#946 hxxp://

thats one of the popups I got while trying to get on yoitube