Windows 10 ISO image

If anyone is interested in setting up a VM but don’t have an ISO image, there is a way to get a Windows 10 ISO image for free and it’s legal.

Download the windows media creation tool:
After you've downloaded it, run the program. Then click on "Accept" and click on the second option "Create installation media...". Leave it at recommended and begin your download. When installing it on your VM, click on "I don't have a product key" and select the partition to install it on. There you go!

Here, below. All you need is a google account to sign in.

Nothing else and nothing collected.

@Jnteamed#4782 Do they work?


1 Click on the link below,

2 Enter pokemon as the ID

3 Sign in with any google account

(No information collected)

4 Click on Windows

5 Click on Windows 10

@scraps210#4778 Alternatively you can use Microsoft’s Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and select a disk image upon running the software to get the ISO directly from Microsoft.

@R34P3R#4824 Yea I did that once, but I dont get virtual box guest additions with it, so if I go full screen it is just a small box. Anyway to install guest additions after the VM is set up?

Download this:

That should work.

(And install it)

@CrustyEyeBalls#4829 It requires the Virtual Box Extension pack, which is a set of drivers required to interact from host to virtual client.

It doesn’t require the Extension pack. It should be under devices with the virtual machine running

The ext pack work better.

And you are really suspicious on your joining 10 min ago.

@TheLBall#4982 In order to interact with a device properly, and transfer data on any virtual client you need the drivers that are offered with it. You may still have access to the devices, but it is much more effecient to install the required software. I agree @Jnteamed#4983