Windows 10 Apps Install Date

Anyone know where Windows 10 Apps get their install date from, Its not set by an installdate in regedit that i seen, i tried adding it in in several locations with no luck, and i really didnt see anything in the WindowsApp Folder, had scammer have some weariness over seeing a bunch freshly installed windows 10 apps.

just to point out this isint for regular program files like Firefox, Adobe Pdf, etc, i know how to change the installation dates for those, this is for windows 10 apps like Alarms and Clock, Microsoft Office, 3d Viewer, Cortana, Groove Music, Mail and Calendar etc.

Or id be welcome to a workaround that would make Apps and Features open up Appwiz.cpl instead, since windows apps doesnt show up on that.

Half tempted to just remove the most of them, anyways any help would be appreciated. First person to ever question it, but i thought if someone knew id go ahead and change it.

Dunno if they still display in Control Panel -》Programs and Features but you can hide the entire Apps tile in Settings if you wish either by way of regedit or gpedit.

See here:

Thank you I’ll give that I look later tonight