Will FireRCT be expanding

I was wondering if FireRCT will be expanding, especially to the UK.

It is my preferred method of scambaiting and I would love to widen the net so I can waist even more scammer time.

P.S. do you know how to add soundbites?

FireRTC once supported calls to the UK, but they removed that feature. I doubt that they would be expanding, it just means more costs for them. Also what do you mean by soundbites? If you mean soundboards, you can use an app called voicemeeter and just get some random soundboard online. Voicemeeter will allow so that the soundboard will go through your mic.

@BanterousSor#56595 Thanks, do you know any other free voip that would allow me to do so. And in regards to the sound bites what I meant was the soundboard with I’m Batman and various other clips but I say a tutorial on how to use voicemeter so that particular issue is now resolved.



@Markiemm#56667 “Unlimited calling & texting (USA & Canada)” FireRTC can do both canada and the US and it says affordable international calling, the only problem is that I am broke, and do not have any method of paying for things online so I cannot use it unless it is free. Thanks though.

@Markiemm#56675 WHat I was trying to say is that if a scammer has a number being routed through the uk or europe I cannot call.

@Markiemm#56690 Though I will try Textnow for calling My phone support as I cannot get through using FireRTC



This half works.

@BanterousSor#56728 thanks