Why we verify a number before posting

I’ve read the cautions about confirming that a number is a scammer before posting it, and I’ve done that from “day one.” A recent robocall reminded me why that’s a Good Thing.
The originating number of one of the numerous “additional Medicare benefits” calls I got this week led to an insurance agency in Florida. I was thinking it was another case of a “legit” US-based company having foreign call centers make cold calls for them to try and skirt the TCPA. (I’ve got a few of those on my radar already.)
When I called the originating number, navigated their “press this for that” system, and spoke to a live person, I told her I had received a call from “Mary at American Senior Citizens Care,” half expecting her to say that was one of their partners. She immediately told me someone had “stolen” their number, and was “making prank calls all over the country.”
I told her the dot-com name mentioned by the (probably Indian) guy who came on the line when I pressed 1 in response to the robo-prompt in the spam call. That was the first time she’d heard of that.
I’m witholding the site name the Indian guy gave (he was kinda snotty) until I know for sure, but from their sorta cheesy website (the toll-free number on it is not in service) and a negative review on their Facebook page (the only review on there), I think “*******insurance[dot] com” (the name the Indian guy said) might be the source of the cold calls, but again, I want to make sure they’re not just another victim of spoofing. I haven’t been able to find out where they’re located, but it’s a GoDaddy site, so that’s kind of a “yellow flag” for me.
If anyone wants to dig further into this, I’d appreciate any input, and I’ll provide the URL so you can have a look.
If I can get any more info about the site/FB page creator, and anything that points to them as being behind the robocall, I might add them to my list of people who oughta get sued for violating-the-TCPA-by-proxy. I bet the real insurance agency in FL would like to know, too.
Thanks for reading.