Why do scammers sometimes say they dont do tech support?

I get scammers where ill be talking to them. And then theyll just be like, “we dont do da tech suport” even though their ad said they did. Anyone know why they do this?

They do that to make it look like they aint tech support scammers in the hopes that you’ll leave them alone.

@thunder#10528 But if they are scammers, why would they want me to leave them alone? Its after I reroll my number?

@Bryce#10529 They can probably remember your voice, or just tell by the way you are speaking that you’re a scambaiter.

@thunder#10530 well fuck

@Bryce#10527 they probably caught up to all the scambaiting. Especially when u call an older number posted here. I once had them tell me they were a restaurant.

They always say that if you are messing with them. They get very annoyed and want you to stop lmfao. Especially since they work at night if they are targeting countries like the U.S or Canada

@scraps210#10545 theyre still scammers they deserve it yaknow?

@Bryce#10546 Yeah fuck them scammers. We wont stop.