Which scammers answer overnight (I'm in the US)

I see from posts and the numbers I’ve called so far that they are most active 7AM-7PM EST. I’ve only found Japanese scammers that answer overnight for me. I have a lot of time at night to make calls - are there any particular countries or scammers to seek out that would answer between 11PM-3AM EST?

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(855) 738-4781‬

These motherfuckers answer any time. And they will not block you. They always answer to.


What kind of scam is this exactly? Please include information.



Looks like a [POSSIBLE] flight reservations scam. A quick google highlighted the following interests:

Dynamics 365 Community Links + Microsoft CRM Portal thread won’t actually show anything, at least for me, except the home page. Maybe, because they’ve just been recently taken down?

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+1 (855) 738-4781

Answering as “RESERVATIONS”


Hesitant to give info, won’t give a website. Hung up. One told me I was dialling the wrong number for this; HOW!? Another told me they don’t have a website. So many major red flags. :rofl: :rofl:


yep airline

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Number provided by Porting. You may report the number for fraud and misrepresentation to [email protected]


I'm reporting the following numbers for fraud and misrepresentation +1 (855) 738-4781

This number is being used for a flight reservation impersonation scam.
Your customer appears to be a fraudster who is impersonating various
airlines like American Airlines. These fraudsters book tickets for
people at exorbitant prices and will often call them up later with an
excuse such as the price has changed or itinerary is unavailable to take
more money for a rebooking or confirmation. They will extort money by
scaring the victim that if they don't pay the new price then the ticket
will be cancelled without refund

Your customer is operating out of an illegal call center in India.
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I got the name Planes to Paradice from “Justin”

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There’s 201 consecutive block numbers with fake assed airlines on them on this 738 local area code, within the 855 prefix

There is a further 20 in the “526” local area code and a further 52 in the “838” local area code, all in the 855 toll free prefix.
Multiples of these numbers are cross referenced via their crappy websites which have old numbers and numbers they simply forgotten to update. There is some which have multiple website identities for the same number which cross reference the other numbers they use for their garbage

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conferencing their calls rn.

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Another callback from the same scam and also hosted by Porting 8887380676