Where to get good virtual machine?

Hi, im looking for good virtual machine (any free ones ???) for my pc, i wanna annoy some scammers, and if possible maybe guide for basic of vr machine ???


@CoinTroller#7161 VMWare Player is pretty good; it provides some masking features so scammers won’t notice you have a virtual machine.

https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/ Is a place to get legal copies of Windows for the vm for free, just extract the downloaded file then click on the virtual machine file.

Hyper V which is available on windows 10 pro

@iChutya#7170 Thanks, u know some guide how to connect scammer to vr ?


Oletko suomalainen? Lisää skype, reaper_259, ja annan sinulle Vmware pro-lisenssiavaimen.

@CoinTroller#7304 Call the scammers (not with your personal phone, of course) and they will connect to the VM. You can find scammer numbers in the posts in this forum. :slight_smile:

@R34P3R#7307 Oon suomalainen ja ei oo skypee…

@iChutya#7308 And when i have installed virtual machine do i have to somekind of set up after installation (and how to make it so real as possible) (i dont know almost anything from virtual machines)

@CoinTroller#7317 Install a browser or two, put some pics and songs on the desktop. Put some random files here and there.

@1337mathster#7318 Okey, thanks and if i connect scammer to vr he wont be abel to get to my real desktop ?

@CoinTroller#7319 The cool thing about a VM is that it’s isolated from everything else.

Nothing can escape it and damage other files.

@1337mathster#7321 Okey good, im so exited to annoy scammers with vr, i have only annoy with google voice/other internet phones

@1337mathster#7321 Actually, VMs are not 100% isolated and there are VM escape exploits (scammers don’t have these though). Also, if your VM is configured incorrectly it will be able to access other devices on your lan or even your router’s config panel (scammers have done this before).

@memes#7350 There are no VM escape exploits as of now. I believe a very old version of VMware had that bug, but it was many years ago.

@1337mathster#7353 VirtualBox is exploitable with DLL injections.

@1337mathster#7353 There are exploits for everything, they’re just not public.