When scammers want to lie about things....

Ok so most of Us know about those damn scammers lying about they’re living in California but Today when messing around with the big guns I decided to pose the question in a Private message to a Well known ransomware gang… Which I won’t mention due to personal reasons.

Everyone has most likely heard, read or seen something about Lulzandfeelz the “Russian Dark Web fraudster”

Well today I brought her story to Well known Russian Cyber crime forums I used to run my stuff on around 2013 or so. Well this is where it get’s rather funny:

There is around 100+ Ransomware gangs so guess which one I contacted? I won’t tell you if you’re right wrong or close to it. These are verified Russians or eastern Europeans who speak Russian and know Russian to verify the integrity of the story…

After they seen a few insults it was enough to trigger a laugh and I got this: “Well, Personally this has to be the funniest thing I’ve read in my life. I never once thought someone would lie about citizenship to gain reputation. As you put it, The US had the world’s biggest and most Bad -Ass cyber terrorism group around which was ran out of the NSA not to mention this person has bad grammar and you can see there’s 40 or more flaws in her story with only 2 pages of chat logs I am dying laughing at how badly this person lied. You seem to very knowledgeable about your trade and I’m glad your targeting people who actually harm people directly… We’re just in it for the money and the reputation we don’t care so much about who it is but when you think harming kids is great you have no place on this plant” - [REDACTED RANSOMWARE GANG].

If Mrs. Remeirez reads this, The Indians you claim that say: N******* as an Insult, I’m 100% sure nobody her has heard it said once. These people lie the same way you do and are stupid.

I Hope this goes to show everyone that scammers are mostly alike no matter which country they’re from. They’re Lazy and Stupid. However we’re not stupid nor lazy we do the work we need to.

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