WhatsApp message from stranger. Someone’s got my number. +447888 872718

+447888 872718. Wants video call. I keep blocking numbers but get another a few weeks later. Maybe my number is being passed around?


Welcome Wisdomhurt🙂

If that person keeps harassing you, I’ll text the number for a confrontation.

The one before I asked how did you get my number, this person said sorry and blocked me. The others I just say no thank you or just blocked them. This number I haven’t blocked or replied just testing to see if I get any different messages from someone else.

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Welcome to the community, @Wisdomhurt !

I do not have WhatsApp, so I cannot contact them.

Yes welcome aboard :grinning:

Maybe it was another wrong number moment. I’m sure it’ll never happen again

Welcome! Yea, unfortunately ‘yahoo boys’ trade numbers like they are pokemon cards… once you get one call or message they will continue.

Must of blocked me. Last seen Tuesday 1:45am.

literally call them back until they block YOU