WhatsApp IP Address

I can’t seem to find a straight answer to this question online, so I’ll ask it here. Can someone figure out your IP address over what’s app? If so, is it sent only in messages? In calls? With files? When I’m just sitting there online? If, say theoretically, I picked up a what’s app call from a scammer without a VPN did I just fuck up?

Seems possible. See this link

How To Track Location of Whatsapp and Facebook Users In Real Time - PremiumInfo

Also they can use wireshark


🙋hi dear The messaging protocol is documented

https://github.com/mgp25/Chat-API/wiki/FunXMPP-Protocol and does not contain any IP addresses, it contains the telephone number of the sender to identify the user. Even file transfers are downloading from a HTTPS/TLS server owned by What'sApp. How ever What'sApp.. VoIP calls appear to be able to go directly P2P if the network is open enough which would then reveal your IP. Additionally when on a mobile network you will most likely be going through a NAT so you don't have a public IP address that uniquely identifies you for your IP address to be of
THIS concern.https://github.com/mgp25/Chat-API/wiki/FunXMPP-Protocol
Hope this helps 😊 thank you for your contribution towards a good cause stay safe all the best god bless

This is possible by other ways

Creating Tracking Link To Track Location Of Any Person

In this method, you will be creating a tracking link that you will send to suspect and that records the location of the person while opening that link. Follow the steps below to proceed.

Step 1. First of all create a free hosting account from any of these sites :- Hostgator, My3gb or 000webhost. Now login to your account and go to File Manager there.

Now download the zip file : Tracking Zip File on your computer.

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Step 2. Now extract the file and you will see three files in the extracted folder.

Step 3. Now upload all three files in the root (public_html) folder of the file manager of your hosting account.

Step 4. Now send your hosting link to the suspect that you want to track.

Step 5. Now tracking details will get saved in the log.txt file of your root folder, which you should keep on checking that file to get the details.

So above are the ways to Track Location Of A Person By Chatting on Facebook/WhatsApp. With these ways, you will get to know the exact location of the person that you want to check and also make sure that person you are interacting with is real or fake one. Hope you like this trick, do share this with others too