WhatsApp HONEY POT Pull ! - LART EM UP!

HERIN LIE A LIST OF UNWITTING VICTIMS OF MY WHATSAPP HONEYPOT … PLEASE HIT THE LAST TWO NUMBERS HARD & PLAY WHACK A MOLE WITH THEM ! Last number spammed again … clearly they need a more serious LART. … why ever would you try to sell people real human hair & send such adds to your dirty mass texting list ? Because you clearly want your number put in this sort of forum i guess ! GET EM !

The +86 country code is used for numbers in the People’s Republic of China :cn:

I usually limit my baits to American phone numbers.

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@NoPE i got a party … can you bring more guests please ? PLEASE ?

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Aaah i hear you … in this case though anything to make em understand dirty lists get lots of LARTS helps.