What's the best free VOIP software for scambaiting?

what’s the best free VOIP provider for scambaiting ?

@Sherlock#168033 I’d say BobRTC (https://bobrtc.tel/) and TextNow (TextNow)

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want to learn more about BobRTC, watch my tutorial video over here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBPmlPJnNGc


I think that both of them have many disadvantages like for example in BobRTC you won’t have your own number therefore you would not be able to receive inbound calls, also TextNow doesn’t allow you to have a custom voicemail. I was looking for something else that would allow you to merge calls and transfer them.

textnow, skype, firertc

@Sherlock#168036 if u use the app, textnow allows custom voicemail under settings, calling, voicemail, greeting. Can also merge calls in the app.

@NeeP#168034 kommst du aus Deutschland?

@guipc7#168212 ja :stuck_out_tongue:

@Sherlock#168036 If you use TextNow on mobile you can merge calls and add a custom voicemail. The web browser and pc version is lacking.

@NeeP#168216 ich wusste es :joy:. Ich komme aus Portugal und ich kann auch Deutsch

@guipc7#168227 Ei!

@Chop#168220 I usually use the web browser version since I mostly use an old lady voice changer so TextNow isn’t

an option also Skype is paid and FireRTC isn’t accepting new accounts

@Sherlock#168343 I use a voice changer on TextNow all the time and it works fine?