What is this scam? 202-773-8035

Similar to an SSA scam where they robocall you and say you need to call them back for more info or you will be arrested.

Claims to be US Customs and Homeland security - officer Barnes. Called and he started asking questions like if I had been receiving calls from pharmacies? Told him I had not. Said that his records show me as purchasing medications on-line through some prescriptions service. Told him that his info must be wrong - then he said that he had information that I had purchased Viagra within the last month. Told him no way, wasn't me, then he grumbled a bit, said something under his breath that I couldn't make out, and hung up.

Don't know what the scam is... but I'm sure there is one in there somewhere. I called on a spoofed number that is not listed, so no name comes up, and he never asked my name - he just wanted to verify that I received the call on the number that I was using. I'm sure that if followed long enough, there will be some store gift cards involved for some completely off the wall reason ;)

Go here to listen to recorded robo-message:


I called left message … See if they call back …

I talked to Officer Barnes very briefly. The first time, I forgot to turn on the recorder. The second time I did have it on.


I called again. When VM comes on hit 0 then 1 then 7464# or 1002# … Sounds American


U.S. Customs Border Protection / Like SSA 2027738035

Scamming on Diwali but short staff -Jaipur city aka Pink city

Ask them how far is “Jantar Mantar” from their office

"Janata Mantar is ancient Astronomical observatory in Jaipur city


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@Draco#167211 That was my same thought. I wonder if there are American ex-pats living in India, because a small pension or a 401K plan might go further there?

@josephnormandgrinnell#167222 This city Jaipur has so many tourists from UK and the USA. Even tour guides have picked up various foreign accents and mimic them.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011) - movie starring Maggie Smith was shot here.