What is a good way to find fake virus alert pop-ups?

I am having trouble finding scammer phone numbers and pop-ups. I was wondering if there was a way to find them easier and quicker.


Try that. It has a HUGE database of popups.

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It keeps showing me porn websites. Also, I haven’t found any phone numbers.

I don’t know what to tell you. Just look around this forum then. And btw the websites on the PopupDB generator, like pretty much every popup ad, will redirect you to different websites based on where your IP is and what data the advertisers have on you, so I recommend using Tor Browser with the Snowflake bridge (which you can enable at about:preferences#tor under the Bridges section). Using the Snowflake bridge unblocks pretty much every website that blocks Tor, so I recommend you use it.

2 things I just want to get clear. I don’t look at porn (I am a Christian), and I use the brave browser. So they shouldn’t really have data on me anyways.

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I actually wouldn’t reccomend Tor for this as most Tor exits are datacenter IPs that these type of sites may block.

Just because you use Brave doesn’t mean the advertisers have 0 data on you. And also it depends more on your IP location.

If you use the Snowflake bridge, your connection goes through a proxy which runs on a someone’s browser.

Yes, thats the bridge which isn’t seen by the end website. The end website sees the exit node.

You can also mistype websites. However, it usually works during morning-late-mid-day. I never used PopupDB before.