What insults to use when calling premium tech support?

I have been calling these scammers up and when I throw insults at them they just go completely silent and then they hang up on me like they got really scared.

I tried using insults like Bakrichod and other ones and they always go completely silent afterwards.

Am I using the right insults or am I doing anything wrong when calling them up?

@Currymuncher#108763 There is a floor manager at PTS whose name is Ambrish (Ambreesh?).

Demand that you speak to him.

This is what usually happens:

Good to see my favourite bunch of scammers Premium Techie Support being targeted by BOBRtc

Someone asked for good insults, bu throwing insults at them will usually just result in them going straight to their favourite line of "As I am not getting any valid response, I have to disconnect this call". They repeat this 3 times and hang up. So doesn't really waste much time.

Much better is to engage them in a crazy conversation. I ask them what the time is in Gurugram, or what the weather is. If it's one of the lady scammers, I chat them up.

Best of all is to ask for another scammer. Whichever one answers the phone I ask for a different one.
Names I have collected (not sure of spelling, so I'll do it phonetically) are:-

Raul, Deepak, Sachin, Saddat, Avishek, Yanto, Kovan.

And the ladies: Marima (or Harima), Chakradil, and Twinkle.

Yes she really calls herself Twinkle. (which usually results in me reciting the nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Littel Star before asking to speak to Little Bo Peep, Mary Mary, or Humpty Dumpty.)

Can't get through on any of their numbers today since BOBRtc started to target them.

Remember there's also their UK number +44-800-031-5348

@kenzo#108777 Excellent DVR. “It is not a professional call” director: Anuj Jain

Location: Sohna Road, Gurgaon, India

aka Saburi TLC

@abcd1234#108812 more scammers’ names:

Arjun. Deepak Sani,Pankaj, Jitender, Sandeep, Sharma, Ankush, Deepa, Aman, Chandan, Karan, Kajal, Neha Kumari, Syed Bashir, Himanshu, Satpal, Ankita Pandey , Janice, Charlie, Alisha, Hema Kasyap, Shaun, Jake, Sonu, Vaibhav Baweja, Jyoti, Ashish, , Ritika Gangi, Amanya, Steve, Sumit, Jitender, Sunil, Karan ,Satish ,Toto ,dharatdheera, sidhharth, Ritesh, Adam, Vaibhav] Harneet Depan Depan Neha

Dev, Aaditya Chaudhary, Rahul, Mona, Arpita, Sandeep, Robin , Devash Andy, Ben, Amrit , Akash Jain, Johnny, Ahmed , Sajan Chaudhary , Aman Verma, Rajan Roy/Rai , Kamal, Robin, Rajan, Ashish , Rahul, Ben, Dilip Kumar Yadav, Pradee