What called me?

I get the occasional scam call now and then and I usually don’t bother to answer them. I think it’s a t-mobile thing to mark potential spam calls as you get them but just a few minutes ago I got one that was kind of weird. The caller ID said unknown and when I let the call ring out I didn’t get any voicemail. I don’t get voicemails from spam about half the time so I wasn’t really surprised. However, what surprised me was the caller ID I saw from it in my call log. The number was 19 digits and started with a V. Here’s the number: 7231418570001465370

I called it on FireRTC a couple of times and the first time it rang a couple times and said the call was rejected. When I changed the caller ID and called again the call said it was unavailable. If anyone knows what this could be I'd like to know.


Oh, some network providers don’t support calling from private numbers like in the USA. In such cases, the caller id is replaced with a junk number. You won’t be able to call that number back since it was spoofed.