What are some good fake bank recommendations? im new to scambaiting

What are some good fake bank recommendations?

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Welcome in … use generators on google can generate anything … google bank generators … Or name gereraters …

ok thank you for your help

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Are you looking for a bank name to use, or do you want a whole working account you can log in to when a scammer comes on to your virtual machine?

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Use fake bank generators … On Google

I’m looking for a whole account. Any recommendations?

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Do you have any experience with website development at all? There’s free software for hosting a bank called Dave Smith Johnson and Sons - it’s at this link: https://github.com/DSJAS/DSJAS. You could either set up an XAMPP server on your machine and use the hosts file to hide the “localhost” address, or find free hosting like Googiehost to host it.

If that’s outside your wheelhouse, there’s a gent on discord who goes by GimmeDaMoney#6969 and he runs a bank called LS Denver. You can ask him for a login, and he’ll set you up. It’s a nice little bank, but it’s full of little easter eggs, so a savvy scammer might catch on. That said, most don’t look super hard.

If you’ve got the money, Sinister Spatula has an AMAZING Bank of America tool (which is an oversimplification - there are tons of tools in that kit). It’s out of my baiting budget, at least until this Nigerian prince I know sends my money, and it requires some setup, but it’s a good tool. It’s here: Responder Controller & Utilities

There are some other tools out there on the forum here, you just have to dig around.

As an absolute last resort, If you fork up the money to buy a domain name, I could probably help you set up a fake bank using the DSJAS software. I set one up for myself, and while it’s not perfect and not an easy thing to share between multiple baiters, the DSJAS software is pretty good and can let one baiter make multiple accounts for all sorts of characters. If you want to try this, shoot me a message. Or if you think you can do it yourself but you need a hand doing it yourself, message me and I can talk you through the setup.

If all else fails, tell the scammer that your bank’s website is down and push them to come up with a new way to scam you. Might not work, but it’s better than nothing.

Good luck, and if you’ve got questions, there is help to be had!


Do you have a link to the Bank of America program.

I used something I found on GitHub. It’s called Norristown Union Bank. It’s not very good and I haven’t had a chance to use it, but it looks okay. I can’t find anything else.

I could whip up a banking site on my server’s under a subdomain. You would need to set it to display under a bank of America but it should work fine.

Let me know if ya want that and I’ll set it up

that would be very cool, and would be a huge blessing as north watch is gone for a while now, Norristown is mid, and Spatulas BOA Utility is very cool just out of most scambaiter’s budget, or at least mine lol

thank you for you recommendations

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Wow! That would be great. I don’t realmy have any web programming knowledge so I don’t know if that will be a problem. But thank you so much!

If anyone wants to try their hand at serving a bank site from their own computer, I put together a tutorial on how to do it here - How to set up your very own fake bank website, right on your own machine

It’s not really that much more challenging than setting up a VM.

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Sinister’s tool doesn’t require some web programming know-how, its quite easy to setup I think just follow his guides and enjoy.

JustAnotherJim already linked it in his post Responder Controller & Utilities if you are still interested.

Gotcha. I haven’t ponied up the cash for it yet, so I wasn’t speaking from any position of authority. It really does look like a phenomenal set of tools though. Well worth the investment, and something I’ll probably do when I have time to bait more regularly.