What action taken by this scammers.info..?

Hie , can you please tell me how this website scammers.info work…i put scam info with TFN and URL. But still now they are running their ads…what action taken by this scammers.info…?? or this is just show info that’s it…???



I think he thinks there's some sort of automatic reporting system when you post


We're not law enforcement, we're just a scam reporting site

We’re not law enforcement or anything like that, so we can’t shutdown them directly.

I'm personally reporting stuff (sites and numbers) and flooding, when you post a number here it start getting harrased by kids, scambaited, and stuff like that.

This is a forum for SCAMBAITERS, not law enforcement or stuff like that

"***Scammer***.***info*** is the #1 scambaiters forum to post Indian tech support scammer numbers, IRS and CRA scammers, refund scammers, fake popups, phishing.. etc"

I hope this will clear your mind