We're ditching Google Analytics

Hello there,

In favour of privacy, I’ve decided to remove Google Analytics from Scammer.info. We will instead be using our own analytics which can be found over at analytically.net.

Feel free to sign up for an account and use our free and private analytics service for your own website.


If you are not a fan of using Discord to chat, we now have our own rocket.chat server, accessible by visiting tlscommunity.com. You can request access to private channels by messaging me there. You are free to talk about anything and share numbers, which you are unable to do on Discord.
IMPORTANT: The chat server is separate to scammer.info, therefore you will have to create a new login for this too.


What login information do I use for your server?

Which server?

Rocket chat server.

It’s a different platform, so you need to create a new account.

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Ok, I’m in. Thanks! :slight_smile:

so happy for this change!