760-266-4389 – Crazy, First guy asked how old I was then hung up. Femscammer could not understand me because she knows nothing about Texas. Third guy wanted to talk about my name and voice as usual and told me to go to my nearest SSA office which there is none. Clovis is in NM.

@JusticeinTexas#93302 lmao I’m giving them hell with my hindi recordings lol

They pick up and hang up with me. Lol

I’ve called them about 20 times with the Ben Chod song …a couple guys laughed

@Scambaiter956#93305 Yet, they keep answering the phone!

@JusticeinTexas#93323 lmao yess they answer so quickly lol

@JusticeinTexas#93323 they’re back up n answering again lol