Weird story

The number I called was (855) 341 3935.

I used a fake name when calling them (Mike Rotch)

I let one of their representatives on my VirtualBox and I showed him the Donald Trump antivirus and other stuff from the Anti-Scammer Toolbox 1.0. He got mad, and hung up, so I reset my VM. I wanted to call the same guy and waste his time. I called back, got a different representative and asked him if he was familiar with the Donald Trump antivirus. He put me on hold for 5 minutes and I got bored, so I played a little bit of piano. We had a weird conversation about pianos and then he said he was busy so he hung up. I called back, gave the guy the name “Mike” and he asked if I played piano. This happened 2 more times after the call. It’s so weird but also funny.