Weird Fundraising Scam

They called me with Magic Jack, had a guy that sounded real but was automated trying to get me to say “yes” lol. The recording gave me this number, and apparently the ones who answer are just an “answer” department taking your message for the company.

Data collectors/Scammers I am assuming? Have at them. 1-877-338-4960

Called me an asshole. Wont answer my calls. Lol ok, they’re not legit.


@awakeasfuck#4426 Maybe, there are lots of fire department/police department fund-raising frauds floating about at the moment.

@R34P3R#4429 This one told me to fuck myself. And told me to send a money order to

Texas FOP
12 Christopher Way Suite 220
Eaton, NJ 07724

Dont understand why a Texas fundraiser is located in NJ.