Weed scams

Hey, obviously new here. But thought I’d drop an interesting find! I stumbled across online weed shops, that I think are scams right off the bat. I am not sure what category of scam they fall under, I don’t believe it’d be tech-support, possibly refund-scam. However, I believe they simply promise a product, and never deliver. Or add on additional fees throughout the process.

Found two sites, interested to see what you guys think.

Scammer’s Number: +1609-891-8892
Domains Used: https://kushbuyshop.com/
Extra Info:
This is the first one I found, and the first red flag was the address of the business…
123 Main Street, Anytown, CA 12345 – USA
Seems legit.

On their about us page, this is the image that comes up.
Most likely just googled “Marijuana shop”…

Here’s the Colorado news article it’s from:

Lastly, and simply enough, just try and buy something… They have every strain listed as a single product, have they ever bought weed? What is the quantity I’m purchasing? Apparently, 1 whole weed.
There are no selections for any quantity.


Scammer’s Number: +1 ‪(213) 534-6537
Domains Used: https://gashousestore.com/
Extra Info:

No address listed, not entirely suspicious. They could be an entirely online store.
However, the email is a little weird. Usually a business would do something like, [email protected], or [email protected]… looks like a throwaway.

Screenshot 2021-08-06 093041

The cryptocurrencies at the bottom also raises suspicion.

At least gashouse remembered that people buy weed in different quantities, and they’re the correct ones too!
Lastly, look at the payment methods…
Really? I’m going to buy weed online with Gift Card Codes, WesternUnion, or MoneyGram?
Should I give them my bank account info as well? Really.

I tried not to pick on small spellings errors between the sites, to give them the benefit of the doubt. And I’m super new at this, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.
Obviously, you shouldn’t buy a product (a potentially illegal product, depending where you live) from unknown sources. Maybe you should read reviews before buying things. But I don’t think people should be lied to, or taken advantage of in this way. It’s scummy.

The good news is that if you look up reviews, they confirm my scamming suspicion.
The bad news, is that someone had to get scammed first to find this out.

Screenshot 2021-08-06 094142
Screenshot 2021-08-06 094123

Source: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/gashousestore.com

This is the article the top image (the guy standing in front of the jars of marijuana) came from: http://the-journal.com/articles/23051-recreational-marijuana-shop-opens-in-mancos/?hcb=1

Judging by the reviews, and the fraudulent information I’d say it’s highly likely this is a scam of some sort.

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I think this should be investigated further …

Welcome aboard😀

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Much appreciated!

Go review bomb them. I’ve already sent 4, we need to make sure the employee reviews get sunk.

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https://marijuana-us.com/ (The address is for the entire plaza, there are many businesses there. No marijuana dispensary however)

Thank you for your suggestion, I went ahead and left reviews for the two sites I posted. I decided to just google sites of a similar nature… literally “buy weed online” and “buy kush online”…

I’ll post them here so you all can have a look for yourself, that this is likely the tip of the iceberg.
Here’s some more sites to review bomb/scambait.

https://legitkushstore.com/ ( absolute shocker there )
https://getkush.io/ (This one i was almost unsure of, because of the trustedpilot reviews. But if you read the reviews, they’re all faked. Also the only payment they accept is e-transfers… )

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