Websites for uploading STUBS

Sup scambaiters.

I wanted to know if anyone knows a site you can upload stubs to, without being detected or scanned.

With a direct download link preferred.

Hope this thread will help us spread our love to our rat friends. allows you to upload as a .bmp

GitHub. Just upload the rat to a repo and copy the raw link.

You can also upload it to a page and directly download it.

Saw @jnteamed use this site earlier, tried it now, looks ok, (not sure 100%)

@Koko#6472 If you need I can host it for you, just get a free domain from


thanks man, i’ll probably talk to you:v:

Some hosting services will suspend you for uploading RATs so having reaper host it is the best option. @Koko#6480 @R34P3R#6479



Send anywhere is good, but make sure you obfuscate it.

So we can’t just name it stub.exe XD @Jnteamed#6497

@FuelDaFlame#6500 Use my built in GUI to compress the exe to exe just in caselike my last webhost decided to suspend me forever for uploading a RAT onto their server (as .ex) so i decided to make a exe compressor so it is ready to use. You can do the compress over and over and it is ready to use.

I just notice I posted now and my computer clock is set way back to 2:45 AM and on the top of my post it says 7 hours ago. Because my bios is dead.

Hah. @Jnteamed#6505 I don’t RAT using plain executables.

I RAT using a Batch automates fille transfer and executer I created the other day. @Jnteamed#6504

That is really nice, I hope we can work together one day to make the utlimate rat malware ransomware adware and spyware and launch it at scammers. I am going to download dangerous links and going to bundle them into one exe after we work on it. One exe up, one computer down.

JNFlamed Rogue Malware Spyware Rootkit Adware Ransomware Trojan Worm @Jnteamed#6508