Website to Find Scammer Information (Useful Tool)

** Scammer Information Database **

I found this really handy website. It is a database of known scammers. You can use this site to find information

on people who have tried to scam you or who you know are scammers. Just type in their alias, or real name and you may be able to find some information about him or her. You can also create scammer profiles on their to increase their database.


**Keep in mind I am not promoting this site, I just believe that it is a useful tool and can help ordinary people figure out who scammed them and report the scammer. Also, there is no guarantee that you will find the person you are looking for.**

***The people who use this just for finding information without making a scammer profile are Skidds who aren't helping to rid the internet of scammers.***

Thanks for this resource.

Thanks. @memes#6171