We’re missing a “welcome” post for new scambaiters

Since Techline left and his account was deleted, we no longer have a “Welcome to scambaiting, here is what you should do” sort of post.

We need that sort of post for new members.


Anybody have any comments?

  • 1.

    Yes, we do need one. The website just resembles a ghost town with all-white,evenly spaced out buildings.

  • 2.

    The website needs a lot of color, decorations,etc. I must admit it's somewhat sickening to look at the website in it's current state. A moving slide at the top of the website with pictures and a tutorial also could be good for new users.

  • 3.

    Also do add a feature that enables a user to first make a review post or to edit a post awaiting approval, i have tried some edits to my post awaiting approval but it says access denied. I wanted to add some important info to the post to which 'permission was denied'. This meant i had to post it in comments. If not at the least a feature which allows the user to themselves revoke the approval and make some fresh edits and then send it once again for approval.

  • 4.

    font and text options. I know this is a serious website but i bet even the most serious ones have better looks.

  • Have to agree! As a newbie, I stumbled on this post looking for exactly the same thing!

    Same here!