We Only Steal from the US Government

As a Medicare card carrying senior citizen, I get my share of scam calls from scammers who try hard to steal my Medicare card number, and/or order “medical devices” and bill Medicare. I confronted a banchod who said he’ll process a major medical DNA test free of charge, all he needs is my Medicare card number. When I asked if he’s proud of his job, stealing from the elderly, his immediate response was “We do not scam people like the ones who steal your credit card number. We only steal from the US Government. I don’t scam people, it is my boss who does the scam”.

Either way these scammers are still horrible scammers. Also it was his choice to join the other scammers. He’s no real man, he’s a coward.

@jaymee#179864 We get that shit all the time. Asked one guy “Do you handle AIDS cases? I never want to catch that again!”