We might be making it too easy for scammers

A number was recently posted for a scam, and was down within 3 minutes of being posted. Normally I would be ecstatic, but part of the fun of scambaiting is getting to screw around with benchodes and forcing them to change their number. Yeah we can keep chasing them to other numbers, but we want to preventative in their ability to scam, right?

If we took away their ability to find their own number on the scams topic, it would be impossible for them to change their number preemptively. This can easily be done by implementation of a rule that dissuades people from posting the number in the thread title.

Maybe but there could be a million reasons, I guess it is a case of rinse and repeat.

Can you flag that post or post it here so I can look at the person who posted it.

Sorry, but I don’t remember who it was. I doubt it was the person who posted it’s fault, as I’m pretty sure they are a regular here.

What leads me to suspect that they’re using the Ctrl + f function to find their numbers here is that when I called the number from yesterday, it was posted under a minute before I called it and the number was already defunct. That, and they listen when we talk to each other when they conference our calls. It’s actually not really all the surprising that they know.