We have a RAT on a scammer's computer (images)

So we have been messing with these guys for a couple of days. They have been persistent with us, but we have fought back. We have some images and Facebook profiles that we got from the computer.

They frequent scammer.info (based on their history) so if you see this, godspeed to you lad.

Number: +18888324212 (works on skype and FireRTC)
Facebook we recovered: http://www.facebook.com/shad.khan.10
Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/m53NF
IP Address:
Their VoiP Client is X-Lite

When you call, make sure to say "Trevor Willis is back, we have control of PC4".
Godspeed, lads.

Haha, I am aware that scammers visit scammer.info from the country based access logs (I have India set to CAPTCHA ALWAYS).

@thunder#3195 Lol…that explains that


GoToAssist Info:

Email: [email protected]
Password: tech24x7.

We also did a reverse proxy on them and gained access to their router.
Screenshot of admin panel: http://i.imgur.com/aU3Bt1K.png

Try not to do anything right away. Maybe take control of it and let people know that they're messing with scammers and stuff of the sort. Btw, I love how their version of Windows isn't even genuine. This seems to be common for tech support scammers.

Disable it.

Change their password and add parental controls.

If their windows were even genuine, i would run slmgr.vbs /upk on their computer as administrator and reboot their computer.

@thunder#3195 Make sure the indian scammers have to solve these:

15 of the Meanest CAPTCHAs ever - Oddee


Or even worst, math problems in algerbra 1.

Hopefully after a week of being without my computer I will be back in a few hours…I have missed out!!!


This scamming ring #offline
We disabled their internet so they literally cannot do anything.
I would say that was a job well done.

@kvlt_society#3211 what rat program do you use? And how do I get them to download it?