"We are starting the Hypesquad Events Program Again!" DISCORD SCAM

Popup - Join the HypeSquad | Discord (apply-hunters.com)

Registered in Matto Grosso, Brazil via CloudFlare on April 29, 2022 - Whois apply-hunters.com

CREATOR OF SCAM - strolly#9548

Associated Discord Accounts:
Hype Mail#4788 (UID: 969137307187826729. from the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure server)
Hype Mail#0122 (UID: 969149231061405696)
Hype Mail#0341 (UID: 969149468601614366)
Hype Mail#5956 (UID: 969130241773686795)
Hype Mail#0219 (UID: 969135853907607562)
Hype Mail#0752 (UID: 969125478294253620)
Hype Mail#1660 (UID: 969145705820213340)
Hype Mail#7620 (UID: 969125856880521246)
Hype Mail#1906 (UID: 969126994010845184)
Hype Mail#7899 (UID: 969688019869241384)
Hype Mail#9385 (UID: 969125789436092446)
Hype Mail#5278 (UID: 969125596040933426)
Hype Mail#6727 (UID: 969124145264726016)

Requires users to “sign into” their Discord accounts by either providing their credentials or scanning a QR Code.

I have had many DMs like this and decided to try it out. I had a fake account setup for it. And it asks for my login then my 2FA code (i tried a fake one then it rejected it so it really checks if its legit). And it redirects me to an “application”. I really didn’t have much time to do it so lmk if you find something at the end.

browse some files here Index of /assets/oneTrust/v2